The casino tax still at the heart of the discussion in the United Kingdom

The casino tax is still relevant to the UK government. British e-wallet casino free online casinos do not want to let it go and have decided to turn this discord into litigation, which has gone to European justice. However, if these operators have decided to settle there, it is above all that in England there are very profitable tax advantages.

An inconvenient bill

In December of the previous year, the government decided to adopt a new tax of 15%. All profits or consumption points from online betting are concerned. It is this decision that made the voices rise on the side of the casino operators. In this fight, because it has become one, the establishments have decided to make themselves heard. They therefore appealed to the Supreme Court of Europe.

The court’s decision has been made. The Court of Justice of the European Union which will rule on this fight between the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association and the department in charge of collecting taxes, HM Revenues & Customs. It should be noted that it was the Gilbraltar Betting and Gaming Association which rose up against this tax.

The task will not be easy for the European Court

In this case, it will be up to the European Court to decide whether or not the British government has power over this tax, which has just been introduced very recently. If the representative of the online casino operators succeeds, the government will be in bad shape. Indeed, if justice rules in favor of the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, it will be obliged to return the taxes already collected since this new provision was put in place.

The work will not be easy in this case for the Court. For such a decision to succeed, it is first of all essential for this justice to find the loophole in the English tax system. However, it will take a very in-depth study and for operators this battle is still very far from being won. It will take time to find enough to accuse this new provision on online betting free credit ewallet slot. Waiting is the only option currently available, but until the decision is made, both sides will still have to live with this tension. However, anything is possible, operators must not be too sure of their own.

The casino tax still at the heart of the discussion in the United Kingdom

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