The Casino de la Plage in Soulac Will Not Close Its Doors

The director of the Casino de la Plage in Soulac, Roland Léas, is categorical, no closure is planned contrary to the rumors circulating.

He wants to put things right to avoid any misunderstanding. Indeed in the report of its activity report which was unveiled during the meeting of the municipal council of June 29, it was a question of a decrease in turnover. This report showed a decrease of 40%. However, the director stressed that this report does not really reflect the situation at the casino level.

The question that arises is therefore whether the figures given are not up to date? This report also shows the balance sheet for 6 financial years. This is a remark that Roland Léas does not fail to stress. The figure is correct, however, he said, we must not forget that it covers 6 years. During these periods, he does not forget to highlight events such as the economic crisis, but also social. Both have had a significant impact on casinos and no establishment has escaped it. The beach casino has really suffered.

There was also the subject of erosion. A fact that has been over-publicized and has had a negative effect on the casino. However, the director is confident, because since July, the situation has improved favorably. Some signs predict such a situation always according to this manager of the casino. The first is attendance. The Soulac casino recorded an increase of 10% for all activities . It also includes games including slot machines and table games, the restaurant, the cocktail bar and the nightclub.

Second, for games there was an 8% increase in gross gaming revenue. In July the casino was able to redistribute € 221,500. This marks a 14% increase in earnings if we refer to the figures for 2014. If this improvement has been made, however, it is not due to chance. Efforts have been made. There was also the establishment of good communication to promote the establishment. There was also an improvement on the offers offered. However, shows and other events of the kind are above all the first nudges of this revival.

The Casino de la Plage in Soulac Will Not Close Its Doors

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