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Call Us Today!
(330) 678-1700


Haven Homes of Stow is based upon the foundational belief that all people, regardless of their age or
health status, thrive best in a warm and supportive environment where others are sensitive to their
needs, desires and concerns.  Sounds like a pretty good definition of "family", doesn't it?  And this
kind of family is exactly what you will find at Haven Homes. Haven Homes is not owned by business
developers for the sole purpose of producing profits. It is owned by a Registered Nurse and operated
with a very important mission in mind.

We seek to conduct all matters with honesty, integrity, and love inherent in the Christian ethic and
deserved by each and every person.  We strive to be trustworthy, as the happiness and well-being of
others is our goal.

We provide an affordable alternative to other assisted living facilities available today.  When you visit
Haven Homes you will find just that-a home, not a facility.  By our definition, a home is a safe,
comfortable and cheerful place where people are involved in life, making decisions for themselves,
and maintaining an important role in the everyday lives of other people.  We believe that warm
relationships with other people define the quality of one's life.  This belief is evident in everything we
do at Haven Homes.

We also believe that our employee's most important qualification is a caring heart.  We treat them the
way we want them to treat our residents.  Perhaps that is why you will see the same caregivers at
Haven Homes day after day, year after year