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Help Your Loved One Enjoy Halloween in Assisted Living

Kids in Costume
Halloween can be a fun time for everyone, including seniors. Since many seniors have limited mobility and a low-sugar diet, some people have a hard time finding ways to celebrate Halloween with their loved ones in assisted living. These tips can help you both have a good time.  

Bring the Kids in Costume

Many seniors in the assisted living facility may miss the days when they saw trick-or-treaters at their doorstep on October 31st. If you have children who are trick-or-treating age, bring them to the assisted living facility before going out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Your loved one's assisted living facility may even have a trick-or-treat event for young ones. Do some research before taking your kids to the facility.
Children who are especially excitable and young may need some coaching before visiting the assisted living facility. Children who bounce around in the presence of a senior can cause injuries or falls if they're not careful. 

Enjoy Halloween Treats Together

Even if your loved one can't eat candy, there are many healthy Halloween snacks you can make and enjoy together. For example, peel a clementine and then insert a stick of celery into the end. This makes the clementine look like a pumpkin! Once several clementine pumpkins have been made, use a food-safe black marker to draw a jack-o-lantern face on the pumpkin.
Ghost eggs are another example of a healthy snack that your loved one may enjoy. To make this treat, boil eggs and peel the shells away. Dry the boiled egg and use a food-safe marker to draw a ghost face on the egg white.  

Decorate the Apartment Together

Bring some Halloween decorations to your loved one's apartment at the assisted living facility, then decorate the space together. When choosing decorations for this activity, look for pieces that will not impede your loved one's vision. For example, blinking lights can be visually confusing, which could lead to a slip or fall. Doorway curtains are also a hazard, as they could prevent your loved one from seeing where they are going and thus lead to accidents.
Examples of safe decorations include wreaths, Halloween candy jars, and Halloween-themed napkins and place mats. Ask your loved one what type of decorations they would like to have before making your purchases. If your loved one is mobile enough, bring them with you when you go shopping. 

Sit Down With a Fun Movie

There are so many fun Halloween movies! Pick out a movie that you both enjoy, and watch it together on Halloween. This is an excellent activity to do on the same night that you make Halloween treats together.  

Work Around Your Loved One's Schedule

Many seniors need a regular routine in order to stay comfortable. Before making your plans, find out your loved one's normal schedule. Many seniors need to eat at the same time each day so that they can take medications. Your loved one may also have doctor's appointments to work around. 
Avoid making any plans that will conflict with your loved one's routine and appointments. This may mean celebrating Halloween over multiple days or shortening your celebration to accommodate the normal schedule.

Investigate Halloween Activities in the Assisted Living Facility

Many assisted living facilities hold events to keep residents engaged. Find out if any activities will be taking place at the assisted living facility where your loved one lives. You two might be able to go together and have fun with your loved one's friends. 
For more information about how you can help your loved one enjoy Halloween, talk to the experts at Haven Homes Assisted Living of Stow. We'll be happy to answer your questions and give you advice.