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7 Sensible Gift Ideas for Someone in Assisted Living

Elderly Woman Receiving A Gift
Looking for a gift for someone special? If your recipient is in assisted living, there are some specific gifts that make sense and may be appreciated more than other gift options. Whether you are looking for the perfect birthday surprise or something sentimental to mark a special day, give items that are sensible for individuals in an assisted-living facility. Consider these seven suggestions.
1. Socks and Slippers
If you ask staff at an assisted-living facility, they will tell you that fluffy socks and slippers always make an excellent gift. First, they are easy to find and fit to the individual — as opposed to trying to buy shoes or apparel for the individual.
Second, many elderly individuals wear socks and slippers frequently in the halls and around the residence; just make sure that you choose styles with no-slip soles.
2. Fresh Flowers
A delivery of beautiful, fresh flowers can make any day a celebration! Send someone in an assisted-living facility a balloon bouquet with a vase of simple daisies or sunflowers, or send them an arrangement of carnations and roses in a cute coffee mug. Flowers brighten up a room, so many may benefit from one of these gifts in a communal living situation.
3. Baked Goods
Many individuals in assisted living may miss having homemade treats. Is sugar a problem? Consider something like a batch of biscuits, a loaf of homemade bread, or even a bag of fresh apples or pears. Talk to the assisted-living staff about any dietary restrictions that you need to know about when preparing your gifts.
4. Old Photo
Instead of gifting new photos of the kids and family, restore and frame an old photo for your loved one.
Folks with memory issues like dementia often have difficulty with recent and short-term memory. If you show them a recent photo of a child that they only remember as a baby, it might be difficult for them to figure out who it is. This confusion can heighten and cause anxiety, too.
Find an old snapshot, and frame it with a small description label on the back of the frame.
5. Lap Robes
Give a senior a pretty lap throw or blanket; both men and women enjoy receiving them and it will help keep the chill off during winter.
A lap robe is different than a conventional blanket in that it ties around the waist and has pockets to help hold belongings — these features make it an ideal gift for a senior.
6. Magazines and Newspapers
Some seniors will enjoy receiving mail with your gift of a newspaper or magazine subscriptions; plus, they can pass the gift around to others to read when they are done. These types of gifts help keep the recipient current on recent events or their favorite topics, plus it reminds them of your caring gift each time one arrives in the mail.
7. Hobby Supplies
Provide your loved one with the hobby supplies and items for projects that they previously enjoyed but may have put aside when they moved into assisted-living. Gift ideas can include murder-mysteries, sewing projects, or puzzles.
For many recipients, the most significant gift you can give is your time, so plan to call, visit, or drop-in to hand-deliver your gift. Take time to do a puzzle, eat a meal, or watch some TV while you are visiting to make the day low-key and meaningful.
Talk to the staff at Haven Homes Assisted Living of Stow to find more suggestions for things that your loved one would enjoy. Whether you are gift-giving for the holidays, to mark a special occasion, or just because, consider these seven suggestions for seniors in assisted-living situations.